Enrica Morlicchio

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Enrica Morlicchio, PhD in Sociology of Innovation Processes at the Federico II University of Naples, Italy. At the moment she is Full Professor of Economic Sociology in the Department of Social Studies.

She has been involved as local partner in a range of EU funded researches concerned with social and spatial inequalities such as URBEX (within FP4), UGIS (within FP5), SOCIAL POLIS (FP7) and EUREX.  She has been national or local coordinator of several researches on urban poverty and social exclusion, gender issues and immigration. Relevant other activities include: evaluator for the SBO-programme in Flanders (2009), expert advice to the Study Team on the UE project “Evaluation of the Contribution of the Structural Funds to Sustainable Development “ (2002), to the Nicis Institut on the strategic research agenda on “Urban dynamics and social mobility in Europe” (2009), and to the National Commission on Social Exclusion on the Annual Report (from 2008 up now). From 2005 to 2015  she was member of the National commission for the evaluation of social inequality (scientific coordinator Chiara Saraceno). She is now also member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “il Mulino”, of the Scientific Board of “Politiche Sociali” and “Autonomie e Servizio Sociale”, and co-director of the Journal “Sociologia del Lavoro”.

Among her publications: Sociologia della povertà, il Mulino, 2012, and The Roots of Social Cohesion: Urban Spaces, Community and Neighbourhood in European Cities, in S.Romano e G.Punziano, The European Social Model Adrift. Europe, Social Cohesion and the Economic Crisis, Ashgate,  2015.